Roger "Wild Cherry" Pugh


Mandola, guitar and vocals.

Roger has been playing music since the late 16th century and has run from the bed chambers of many distinguished aristocratic ladies, hose in hand and tunic a-flapping.  He has many personas - Jester, Victorian Entertainer, Musician, Gardener, Cook and curator of an ancient Vauxhall Corsa.  He has written more songs than anyone can remember, has troubled audiences all over Europe and written a Folk Opera that was performed in Leicester Cathedral. 



Dave "Maraschino Cherry" Evans


Acoustic guitar, mandolin, bouzouki and vocals.

Dave started his musical journey with the New Wave, as part of the seminal Aberystwyth band "Camera". Over the years he has matured into a guitar player of above average mediocrity, and still has trouble in relating to the tiny tiny neck of the mandolin.

Along with Roger, Dave writes material for the 'Cherries, enjoys Ale, old British cars, chips, Peaky Blinders and The Big Bang Theory.



Matt The Hat, aka "Morello Cherry"


Basses, foot percussion & vocals.

Has plucked, scraped, keyed, blown and squeezed almost every known instrument but, unable to find one he could play worth a light, reverted to 4 strings (but rarely uses the thin one) and standing at the back. Has shared stages with strippers, aspidistras and out-of-tune pianos and supported a wide assortment of has-beens who never really were!

The band wouldn't be the same without him! 



Aly "Himalyan Bird Cherry" May


Whistles, accordion and vocals.

Aly started playing whistle on a hill top on a ley line by the M50, testing the patience of her boyfriend sharing their bijou Sprite caravan. Early years were spent fruit picking, busking and travelling the world, including driving a £50 Sherpa van to Turkey and back, scrambling around the Himalayas and blocking laybys throughout the land.

Usually to be found hefting large lumps of wood and rampaging around woodland with her trusted Valmet tractor, Aly brings a lilting musicality to the band and a tonal variety that counterbalances the other idiots. She also plays a mean whistle.... 


Authentic Music, Picked with Passion.........

© 2019 The Stoned Cherries

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