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15 November 2019

With great regret we are today announcing that The Stoned Cherries will soon be playing together for the last time. The last 5 years have been inspirational for us, and we have really appreciated all the folks who have come to see us, bought our CD, given us kind comments and generally supported our determination to play our own music. We are all still going to be making music though – see below.

We also want to thank the various local radio stations who have played tracks from “Baked in a Pie” and given our music a wider circulation, as well as the many venues that have hosted us so well.

The story will not end here, however, as Roger will continue to pursue his solo projects, and Aly, Dave and Matt will continue to play as a band with current ‘Cherries songs and tunes as well as new material, under a new name, The Cherrystones. See top of page for contact details, and do watch out for future announcements.


Our website will stay up for a while. 


Thanks all, for a Cherrific time.


Aly, Dave, Matt, Roger.

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